We value our professional relationships with our clients. Our approach to customer service and account management has enabled our team the opportunity to educate our clients and learn from them in return. Through this knowledge transfer and sharing of information, Buffett Taylor has built truly valuable business partnerships. This is what our clients have to say about us:

“…provide on all deliverables, proactively tailoring them to meet our organization’s specific and often changing needs. Buffett Taylor’s customer service has been exceptional. Their staff are field experts, providing accurate and relevant information as well as guidance in a timely and concise manner. We look forward to our continued relationship.” ---

2 year hospital client

They support us through complicated benefit situations, such as setting up and maintaining an ASO / benefits umbrella group with other municipalities, and negotiating terms of agreements with the benefit carriers. The staff at Buffett Taylor is always quick to respond to situations, provide excellent customer service, and their collective knowledge provides us with the full service we need.” ---

20 year municipal client

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